How to be here…Now.

How to practice being present – Now.

If I want something bad enough in this life, it is 100% up to me to be an active participant of its creation versus being an empty, complacent space holder of thoughts and ideas. The most difficult part is to begin. So begin now. Begin again. And again, and again.

We all have something that holds us back, keeps us away from showing up to possibilities. For me, it’s putting my thoughts on the written page and clicking “publish” to go life for others to read. It’s raw exposure. But guess what? We all have our shit! That is truly the best part of unveiling layers as we learn self-acceptance and how to practice endless unattachment.

I am fortunate to speak my thoughts and theme them to ideas for students in yoga class; it is an outpour of my raw heart and active soul. Words are are less permanent that way; not being visibly seen, but felt instead. My mind swells with ideas and concepts that bring me into states of exhilaration or depletion. Can I ever get out of my own way? The answer is YES. And it starts when we begin.

I have created a tumultuous relationship with understanding and allowing myself to be in the “now” of moments. The mind, consumed with thoughts, travels ahead based upon failures of the past, to then be countered by attempts of working to surrender into the present moment. It takes work-conscious and mindful effort that only I can show up to do because no one else is going to do the work for me!

So how does the processing of beginning “now” become a reality? I struggle, like many of us do, but with willingness and dedicated efforts, I rely upon five simple suggestions for anyone to try:

1) Do something your afraid of – DAILY.

I don’t mean cliff jumping, driving a racecar or any other adrenaline educing activities, but this is something that makes you feel alive, even if you struggle with it. For some it can be as simple as taking a different route to work or finding a new coffee shop. For me, it’s writing. I am facing my fear of failure and owning my truths, but if I don’t do this, how I am really going to be able to show up the best version of me in every aspect of my life.

2) Find Pause – NOW.

A pause is short. Intermittent. It’s temporary, just like everything else. This is a time to become an observer of “self” in any situation. It may be mid conversation that is emotionally loaded, prior to clicking send on your email or checking the latest social media post. It is a time to gather composure to check in, so you can begin right where you are to either stay on the same path or make a willing change to acquire a different result.

3) Love – MORE.

I’m not good at this. My walls of protection have kept me so guarded and single at the age of 35. It is not about practicing carless out-pours of love, rather an investment into loving yourself more, so that you can actually unconditionally love others. It’s smiling at strangers and then holding eye contact, reaching out and communicating to people who have been heavy in my thoughts. Love is supposed to make us feel good. The world we live in needs everyone to take part!

4) Forgive – LET GO.

Hurt people hurt others. We cannot control the conscious states or operating levels of others. I have learned it is more difficult to hold onto resentment, which ultimately has festered into physical, mental, and spiritual roadblocks. It is not up to me to change anyone, however, I can alter my lens of perspective in order to gain freedom by forgiveness.

5) Joy – BE PLAYFUL.

Can you remember the last time you laughed so hard your belly hurt and slightly peed your pants? As adults, we are supposed to have our shit together; but what ever happened to the innocent, happy, playful child that once existed? I was reminded by a healer in Bali to always take care of the “little girl inside”. I forget about her, a lot. She giggles, likes to play and smile, doesn’t care what anyone thinks and is really happy.

By beginning now, and again, and again, are simple measures to understanding on how to be grateful for the present moments we get to experience, regardless just how difficult the current situation may be. Begin NOW because where you are is exactly where you need to be.

In audio file attached to this post, you will find a way to practice being here, now with a short meditation.

Would love your thoughts and feedback! Shine on friends…