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Speaking/Workshops, Mindfulness Coaching, and Yoga

Speaking / Workshops

As a mindfulness educator, yoga instructor and workshop facilitator, I have developed a simplistic approach that allows individuals to remove obstacles that interfere with their personal growth. My workshops are designed to enable participants to gain personal insight to stress reduction strategies, meditation methods and bring greater awareness to integrate the mind- body-heart connection for clarity, ease and more fulfillment of daily life. Specialized workshops are designed to meet specific needs of your organization or school district and can be structured for 1-2 hours, half or full day or two days.

Optional Topics I Cover...

  • Learn personal tools to develop attentional stability and calm attention
  • Experience self care practices to improve mental health and social well being
  • Discover methods for emotional regulation
  • Apply effective k-12 mindfulness practices aligned with SEL competencies to your classes
  • Develop a healthier relationship with food through present moment awareness
  • Learn to Identify habits that may harm your health
  • Discover how to explore more joy and a new relationship with everyday eating experiences
  • Create personal practices for positive life changes
  • Learn the basics of mindfulness:  science, history and mind-body connection
  • How to experience daily practices for mindfulness to unfold naturally in your life
  • How to explore self-care practices:  gentle yoga, mindful eating, digital detox and journaling
  • How to develop a personal toolkit of support for stress reduction, improved focus and overall well-being
  • Experience stress reduction through body movement and breath awareness
  • Learn how to create a daily personal mindfulness and yoga practice for better health and well-being
  • Learn how to obtain more energy, range of motion and growth mindset
  • Participate in a safely supported environment

Mindfulness Coaching

Mindfulness is our ability to pay attention to the present moment, with curiosity and without judgment. Mindfulness meditation is a way to relate better to our human condition as we face life’s challenges. It’s a method and skill of support when our personal batteries need a jump start and shift in perspective.

Learning to be aware, focus attention, and regulate emotions during times of inner and outer turmoil, not only replenish the nervous system, but reconnect you to a purposeful intention of care, love, and deep clarity ~ ❤️ Be reintroduced to our innate human qualities in order to better relate to daily stress that complicates how to live in the present moment. 

A Skill to Change Your Life

“I offer a personalized approach to mindfulness and mindful movement that best fits your current life situation. With kind attention, supportive guidance and easy to follow instructions, mindfulness mediation can help transform your relationship to stress and bring more joy into your daily life. Let me help you make the shift from merely existing to truly living.”

Personalized Mindfulness Consulting Services Offered:

  • Develop a personal mindfulness toolkit to manage stress
  • Connect with and experience social emotional learning competencies
  • Create healthy self-care practices for vitality, focus and peaceful living
  • integrate mindfulness as a formal daily practice
  • Improve a sense of balanced alignment with physical, emotional and mental challenges
  • Learn ways to navigate and regulate difficult emotions for less stress and greater well-being
  • Life lessons beyone the classroom for an easier transition to adulthood and workforce
  • Mindful coping skills for test anziety and social media/electronic device distraction/addiction
  • Stress reduction strategies for friendships, relationships and better communication

Let Me Help You .....

Single Call

The time is NOW
  • 1 -50 minute session
  • Personalized guidance to provide direct support and daily
    mindfulness implementation
  • Explanation how mindfulness
    will provide more ease and calm in your life
  • Follow up emails with reference materials to help keep you on track
    on your journey
  • Specific, personalized user-friendly support

7 Week Session

Continuous coaching and support
$ 599
  • 7 weekly calls - 45 minutes each
  • Email support between sessions
  • Guided practices specific for your needs and personal support
  • Materials to support the foundation and growth of your mindfulness journey
  • Recorded audio of various

Follow Up Support

Accountability, coaching and support
  • 4-week follow up program
  • 4 bi-weekly check-in calls (30 mins. each)
  • Personalized support and guided daily practices
  • Email support between each session to keep you on track
  • Excellent introduction to Mindfulness for those who are undecided


Curious About Yoga ?

Yoga is a practice of personal discovery that uses the body-mind relationship to bring more awareness, coping skills, and compassion to ourselves and daily lives.

Yoga is an ancient system from 2,000 years ago with its deep wisdom still being used today to transform our bodies and lives. This special lineage blends physical and mental practices in which the body, breath, and mind come together to achieve a deeper integration of connections.

Health, Attitudes, & Hearts Changed by Yoga

Contact Me to Bring Balanced Health to Your Life with Yoga

Teaching Schedule

For Yoga and Mindfulness Coaching

Private Lessons

  • In Person
  • Zoom
  • Corporate Retreats
  • Small groups
  • Bridal and Bachelor groups
  • Families
  • All ages
  • Athletes

Mindful Vinyasa

Students will be guided through a traditional series of yoga poses (Sun Salutations, etc.) with a smooth steady pace  incorporating slow flows and attentive holds.

The practice of yoga will promote a sound healthy body and peaceful mind. All levels are welcome.


Please contact me for details

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