Mindful Eating Workshop

Wednesday January 22, 2020 6pm – 8pm Pacific Health & Wellness Center


Perhaps a love- hate relationship or no relationship with food at all? Eating is a part of our daily experience and an immediate gateway to being present to our daily lives. But the experience and relationship with eating has transformed into a mindless act–eating on autopilot, driving the car, watching tv, etc . We are bombarded with information on what to eat, how much, why, when to eat…but what happens when you learn how to use mindfulness as a gateway to BEing present? Your body and mind deserve a gift of nourishment from the inside out.

Join me…

6pm – 8pm

Wednesday January 22, 2020

Pacific Health & Wellness Center 34700 CA-1 Suite 209, Capistrano Beach, CA 92624

Registration $35.

Options: Venmo (@Christy-Curtis-2), cash at the door or paypal link

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Practical methods of awareness to help break the cycle of mindless eating
  • How to distinguish physical versus emotional hunger
  • Become aware of food related triggers and acquire the freedom to choose your response
  • Experience and acquire scientifically proven mindfulness tools for greater well-being and body-mind health
2001 – 2008 – Now

My journey with food has been a gnarly ride. As an emotional eater, I used food as a numbing device to cope with stress and overwhelming emotions, or would avoiding certain foods altogether only to be triggered by cravings that lead to indulgence, followed by guilt and remorse.

What if there was a way to eat with more awareness and develop a healthier relationship with food?

Since my teen years, I used food as a way to cope with stress and stuff down difficult emotions. Food was a quick fix to feed a hunger that could not be fulfilled by exercise, relationships, my career, alcohol, or any other mindless distractions. As much as I thought of food as a source of nourishment, unhealthy patterns and behaviors developed  involving food, which became an outlet to fuel what wasn’t getting emotionally processed in my life. I would eat just to eat or relied upon the clock to determine when or how much I ate. I missed being present to internal cues of fullness, hunger, taste, satisfaction and more. I felt powerless over cravings and guilty for poor choices of treating my body with such disrespect.

The practice of mindfulness and learning tools to develop a balanced relationship with food and eating led to more awareness and appreciation of food.

If you have traveled this path or are ready to have a more positive experience with food, there is a way to be fully satisfied and nourished!

Join me to learn and experience Mindful Eating at Pacific Health & Wellness Center to learn the life changing skill of mindfulness through eating. You will be supported by a community of other individuals who are willing to become aware of choices and empowered by tools to befriend a struggle with food. You hold the keys to a healthier and balanced life! Let it start NOW.

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