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Christy is an educator, author, mindfulness teacher and yoga instructor who focuses providing supportive social-emotional development practices to live a life of mindful wellness. She offers practical strategies  that support others who struggle to be present and create time for daily self care practices. Known as a “natural teacher” who keeps things simple with her authentic and engaging teaching style, she has supported thousands of adults and students through her classes, workshops, and retreats. As a physical educator, she teaches yoga and mindfulness to teens in public high school in Orange County, CA.

She is a co-author of The Gratitude & Mindfulness Learning Journal: A Teacher and Student Workbook for Social Emotional Development, a supportive tool for educators and students to experience and integrate a new approach to learning: learning about one’s self that impacts personal growth, attitudes, and behaviors that extend far beyond the classroom setting. Her journey of personal transformation and deep healing is reflected not only in her work, but how she lives her life. By serving others to LIVE FREE with more awareness that lessens suffering of the mind, to BE HAPPY in one’s body through the dynamic nurturing practice of yoga, and how to combine these efforts on a path to FIND YOUR CENTER of personal and intentional alignment, Christy is here to help.

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Mindfulness is our ability to pay attention to the present moment with curiosity and without judgment on purpose. Mindfulness is a part of who you are. Unfortunately, the demands of  life limit our capacity to build the necessary skills to experience calm, ease and a proper balance to our lives. Training in mindfulness that enhances self-care and social-emotional growth helps to develop a personal tool kit for attentional stability and focus, awareness, and better emotional well-being.

Learning a new skill requires an intention, repetition and patience. It can be challenging for anything newly learned to stick and become habits without a proper foundation of practice. With my support as a certified instructor and experienced guide, I teach you the baseline principles, keep you accountable, and offer supportive guidance when difficulties arise. Mindful living will become a part of your integrated experience of simply being alive.

Be Happy.


Yoga is a practice of personal discovery that uses the body-mind relationship to bring more awareness, coping skills, and compassion to ourselves and daily lives. The blend of physical and mental practices leads to internal peace, self-awareness, and a higher consciousness. Yoga is an accessible and sustainable method of movement as a form of self-care.

I offer opportunities to experience a basic understanding of postures that will allow you to enhance a greater mind-body connection, release tension caused by stress, and develop skills of present purposeful attention. If life is out of balance, yoga is one of the many doorways to align your health with a more purposeful quality of life.

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Bring specialized presentations and workshops that best suit the needs of your school organization. Current research, insights, and experiences of mindfulness, social emotional development, and yoga as self-care practices are a range of topics to share with your school community or organization.  


Professional development as experiential learning for teachers and staff through workshops, retreats and various trainings are essential for teachers to be equipped with tools to manage stress and avoid burnout. Learn self-care, mindfulness, and stress reduction techniques that provide valuable lessons to expand beyond the classroom.


Offerings include: personal or group yoga and mindfulness for social emotional development within Orange County, CA or online anywhere in the world! Learn skills and methods to develop a practice that best suits your lifestyle and opens the doorway to more clarity, peace and connection to improved  health and less stress.

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“You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do”
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