Yoga Nidra: Self-Healing with Deep Conscious Relaxation

Workshop: Yoga Nidra @Renaissance Club Sport Aliso Viejo

Life in low-grade anxiety. Life on auto-pilot. Life without balance. Sound familiar? Well, this is just a part of my story. It took curiosity and the willingness to look deeper into myself to restore the imbalances.

After being certified by Dr.Marc Halpern and the CA College of Ayurveda in the practice of Yoga Nidra, the experience is a testament to self-healing, which has elevated my awareness and the ability to LET GO! Taking gentle care of the mind and body, together as one, has been a priceless gift. I encourage anyone curious to explore the powerful effects of Yoga Nidra as an art to deep conscious relaxation to participate. Your body, heart, mind, and human being-ness will thank you. Join me FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 29TH, 6-7pm @ Renaissance Club Sport Aliso Viejo. Register at the front desk or call 949.330.5506. Cost: $20 open to EVERYONE.