Sunday Svadhyaya

Welcome to Sunday Svadhyaya!

This newly dedicated addition to my blog posts will serve as a time for any interested readers and listeners to bring clarity and calm to a racing mind and invite open space for the week ahead. Svadhyaya is a Sanskrit term and branch of the Niyamas that translates to “self-study”. To study anything is difficult, and to be asked to study the “self” creates an entirely new experience of awareness, consciousness, and exposure.

I encourage you to find a moment to pause by setting aside a specific time of the day (i.e. 1:11pm, 6:16am/pm; etc.). Make this an appointment on your phone, calendar, or peaceful sounding alarm. Weekly posts (written and audio) will serve as a pathway of guidance to dive deeper into aspects of what finding pause creates.

The four-minute audio clip included is a beginning guide to assist in finding your breath and introduces the concept of seated meditation. Allowing for an opportunity to find pause by breathing is a link to help still your thoughts and create inner awareness.

Be challenged. Learn. Grow. #findpause
Helpful resources to understanding the meaning of Svadhyaya listed below: