Join Christy for a journey through Mindfulness Meditation. Yoga Nidra, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Mindful Breath – Christy is giving you all the tools to nurture your ability to be here now.  You’ll learn about what mindfulness is, how you can incorporate it into your daily routine, and have the opportunity to experience the benefits of being in the present moment. Each class is approachable and accessible – suitable for all. You’ll be guided and supported the entire way, as Christy offers tools and techniques for your process of discovery. This complete bundle offers meditations that you can return to again and again, showing up to the present moment a little more each time. May it guide you to a place of inner peace and well-being.


8 Guided Meditations in both Video & Audio Format

1 BONUS Audio Meditation

DURATION: 2 hr 13 min

Special Sale Price: $25.00

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