L.O.V.E. Living Out Vulnerable Emotion

L.O.V.E. Living Out Vulnerable Emotion

Unsettled. Exposed. Anxious. Yes, you know what I’m talking about, these feelings are vulnerability at its finest. Posting a blog is something I have wanted to dive into for a long time–the thoughts in my head finally being exposed to others in written form, to be digested in hopes that something will trigger a reaction, resonance, and response in what it means to be vulnerable.

This blog post comes to you as I attend a festival called “Wanderlust” in Squaw Valley, CA. This majestic place is nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains where the base elevation of 6,200 feet triggers much more besides altitude sickness. Wanderlust is a festival that blends yoga, music, and community into one culminating element; it brings peace to body, mind, and spirit by going inside oneself to answer a magnitude of questions.

As a yoga teacher and devoted practitioner, I am continually reminded of how special L.O.V.E. is. By tapping into the yoga practice on a level that evokes buried emotions, raw restlessness of the mind, and tapping into layers of the present true self, I am willing to allow all layers of vulnerable emotion to be experienced. An example of this is while I hold Virabhadrasana II on top of Squaw Peak, for five minutes, feeling my drishti connect with the mountain ridge, my body is challenged in the difficulty of holding the posture for much longer than I think I physically can; simultaneously, in midst challenge, the racing mind finds an ease, my multitude of emotions cease and I capture the beauty of stillness. This is L.O.V.E. Sitting in the hard stuff with patience and ease while cultivating trust that surrender is in store.

So friends, in terms of vulnerability, it is something we all have a difficult time exposing. Whether it be in writing, involved in a relationship, or making a much needed change in life, it is something we all need to practice. If it takes coming to a four-day yoga festival that is filled with compassion, love, and happiness, sign me up!

Shine on friends….

~In light & L.O.V.E.

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  1. I really love that you r writing about these things. I have gone back and read this a few times and I cannot wait for next post! Thank you for getting your thoughts out so others can ponder and think about! Xoxo jenny

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