Eating Mindfully: Create a Balanced Relationship with Food & Eating

Stop the rush! Stressed? Emotional eating? Mindless grazing? Skipping meals and ignoring hunger? Eating when already full? If any of these habits sound familiar, explore a new relationship with food as this workshop unfolds the basic principals of eating with mindful awareness and intention. Tools to help manage weight, enjoy the food on your plate, and decrease stressful stigma associated with food.  Mindfulness practices will serve as the foundation to your path to optimal health.

Food is an instrumental staple in our lives. Not only is it a source of nourishment, but a celebration of culture and heritage. Since my early teens, I have had a roller-coaster relationship with food. The tools of mindfulness have allowed me to feel empowered to understand my true needs, alter destructive habits of behavior and bring acceptance, balance, and more self-compassion to daily life. 

Join me for a special Sunday Workshop Series at Ekam Yoga Studio in Newport Beach for the experience and opportunity to cultivate a new relationship with food and eating by eating mindfully.

Sundays, March 11th, 18th, & 25th
Entire Series: $90
Drop-In: $35 per Session