6-week Class Series Mindfulness: Awareness, Stress Reduction, and Well-Being

Science continues to prove the benefits of Mindfulness Meditation to include:

  • Improved concentration and attention
  • Ability to handle stress more effectively
  • Boosts mood and sense of aliveness for an overall increase in baseline happiness
  • Greater feelings of equanimity and contentment
  • Increased compassion for yourself and others
  • Internal emotional stability and clarity
  • Gains in cognitive functions and longevity

If you are in a place to explore a new way of living, to bring a sense of ease, fulfillment, and reduced stress into daily life, take the six-week journey to help rediscover your ability to just “BE” a human being in a world that demands endless “doings.”

The six-week mindfulness series will introduce methods of mindfulness designed to benefit anyone looking to manage stress more effectively and to strengthen personal coping skills. Methods of mindfulness will teach you how to consciously handle stress, pain, and the uncertain challenges presented in daily life. The weekly 90-minute classes include:

  • Guided instruction to Mindfulness meditation practices
  • Mindful movement yoga and gentle stretching
  • Informative discussions on issues related to stress and well-being
  • Integration to a healthier balanced lifestyle

As a results of personal implementation of formal and informal mindfulness practices, participants my experience:

  • Greater focus, attention, clarity and decision making skills
  • Improved management of stress, anger, fear, depression and anxiety
  • Enhanced ability to practice non-judgment and compassion
  • More effective communication skills
  • Deeper understanding of the body-mind connection

Contact me with any questions. Last day for registration is Monday January 22nd.