Mindfulness for Educators

Presenting at:

Corona Norco Unified School District Equity in Education Conference

August 2, 2018

Educational Mindfulness: Practical Approaches to Awareness, Stress Reduction & Well-Being

K-12; Admin; Support Staff; Classified

Not enough time in the day to slow down and take a breath? Be introduced to practical, researched-based mindfulness methods that educators can use to immediately cultivate mindfulness practices inside and out of the classroom environment. Instead of thinking ‘mindfulness’ is another check-box on the daily to-do list, educators will experience supportive strategies to assist in reducing symptoms of stress and burnout, improve focus and concentration, decrease emotional reactivity, and prioritize self-care. Learn how to recognize physical, cognitive, behavioral, and emotional signs that often go overlooked. You will create a personal tool-kit of effective and easy to use mindfulness techniques that replace impulsive reactions to stress with mindful responses.

Mindfulness is a way that offers a new perspective on the learning process. Through present moment awareness, participants will learn how to pay attention to thoughts, feelings, and body sensations through a guided mindfulness practice. With stabilized attention, the building blocks of emotional resilience are strengthened, resulting in greater balance and sense ease. Further discussion on the physiology and neuroscience of stress will be addressed as it relates to cultivating healthy stress coping skills.

Additionally, we will further explore the implementation of creating a mindfulness presence in the classroom and overall school setting to enhance social, emotional, and academic development.

Registration link: https://www.cnusd.k12.ca.us/cms/one.aspx?portalId=211960&pageId=929730 

Educators, Students, Administrators, Support Staff, Parents — ALL are welcome to attend! 

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